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Swiss Waterfalls

Swiss Waterfalls

Kleiner Rufibach, Near Gimmelwald, Bernese Alps, Switzerland

Taken on May 28th, 2009

I found this waterfall as I was hiking down to Stechelberg from Murren and Gimmelwald. The hike itself was gorgeous, starting well above the cliffs, looking down upon the Lauterbrunnental valley. After leaving Gimmelwald, descending through forests towards the valley floor, I started coming upon more and more small waterfalls. This was probably the most interesting of the bunch, as it was just one waterfall after another. And as it was noon, the sun was directly above the highest. I thought it would be interesting to shoot directly towards the waterfall with the sun beaming down. This misty waterfall was the final product. The name of these falls are Kleiner Rufibach.

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