Fine Art Nature Photography Prints

I am pleased to offer beautiful open edition and luxury limited edition fine art prints through my website! On this page, you can read the details of how to order, information on limited edition prints and more. Click on the learn more button below to read on!

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Nature meets luxury with my new limited edition photography prints. Having spent much of 2018 searching for the highest quality printing methods and truly honing my skills as a fine art printmaker, I am pleased to announce my new luxurious limited edition collection of images. Use the two link buttons below to start browsing images, or scroll further to read more about these new limited edition collections!

Open Editions vs Limited Editions

If you spend very much time in my photo galleries, you'll notice that I have both limited edition prints and open edition prints. I started my photography business in 2008 and became serious about selling prints by 2011. From 2011 until 2018, I exclusively sold open edition prints. This meant that all of the photos on my website could be purchased in any format or size listed. No limits. Many of the print mediums I use for these open editions are high quality and come from vendors in my hometown of Wichita, Kansas. This makes even more sense knowing that a huge chunk of my open edition body of work was shot in Kansas.

However, in 2018, I desired a way to put out a product that really screamed luxury and elegance! From the presentation to the print quality to the image itself, I wanted something that an art collector could have printed at a massive size and put up as a statement piece in their home or office. I started ear-marking only my very best images to be considered part of my luxurious line of limited edition fine art prints. Not only are these images the very best of the best in my portfolio, I also wanted to put out a body of work that is printed on some of the finest print mediums money can buy. Stand-alone limited edition prints are printed on Fuji’s Crystal Archive Fuji Flex SuperGloss. This paper is considered one of the finest papers for large pieces of fine art. In my open edition prints, my best selling medium has always been plaque mounts for their simple but modern approach. And so with the limited editions, I'm offering premium plaque mount prints. These are produced on high quality photo paper, then mounted onto wood and include a wood backing stand-off to give an extra dimension to the print. I'm also offering ChromaLuxe HD metal prints that are the finest metal prints you can find. And finally, most importantly, I now offer LumaChrome HD acrylic prints. These prints are a class unto themselves. Where regular acrylic prints are beautiful in their own right, LumaChrome HD prints take it even further and create an HD look that pops off of the glass in a way no other print can!

Unlike open edition prints, my limited edition prints come in runs of 50 to 200, depending on the image. Once they're sold out, they're gone and will never be for sale again. You can read below to find out more about these prints.

Limited Edition Collections

The decor and atmosphere of your interior design sets the tone the moment someone walks into your reception area, living room or other home and office space. I created my Limited Edition collections for the very purpose of picking out the finest nature images from my portfolio to help you create the desired atmosphere in your space. Whether you're a doctors office looking for something calming or you need a vibrant fine art "statement piece" for your living room, my collection of Limited Edition prints offers a variety of styles and looks for any space.

Limited Edition prints are offered in Fuji Crystal Archive Fuji Flex SuperGloss paper prints, premium plaque mount prints, ChromaLuxe HD metal print and LumaChrome HD acrylic print styles. These prints are the best possible quality out there. Every Lumachrome HD acrylic, ChromaLuxe Metal HD and premium plaque mounts are created as float mounts which give you a piece of fine art that is ready to hang without the need of any exterior framing! For those that want the "extra touch" and like the look of a framed piece, I also offer the option of ROMA Tabacchino Dark Ash Italian wood frames for LumaChrome HD acrylic print styles.

All of my Limited Edition prints are offered in sizes ranging from 24x16 inches up to 72x48 inches. In some cases, Limited Edition prints can be purchased at even larger sizes, depending on the image.

In 2018, I launched two Limited Edition fine art print collections. The new Limited Edition collection is a gallery of my finest work from recent travels. From a stunning sunrise at Moraine Lake high in the Canadian Rockies to the intimate beauty of the famous Japanese Maple Tree at the Portland Japanese Gardens, these images represent the very best of my recent work. I have

Authenticity and Provenance

Every piece of fine art from my limited edition collections is digitally signed and numbered. The digital signature is a process that will ensure the authenticity and longevity of the provenance, along with preserving the fine art print itself. With each purchase of a limited edition piece of fine art, a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity is also given and shipped seperately from the artwork.

First Prints and Artist Proof’s

In addition to my normal run of 50-200 pieces in my limited edition collections, I also sell a single artist proof that is signed and numbered as AP #1 of 1. These artist proof's are for the serious collector that wants something truly unique! Each Artist Proof is only offered in Lumachrome acrylic print medium and is typically offered in sizes up to 72". Because only one Artist Proof for each piece of fine art in my limited edition collections is ever printed, an Artist Proof print is extremely rare and valuable. Like I said, they are for the serious art collector that wants something truly special! In addition to the Certificate of Authenticity that comes with limited edition prints, I also include a signed handwritten note about the image. Regardless of size selected, each Artist Proof requires an investment of $8000.

Like Artist Proof's, there is only one First Print for each piece in my limited edition collections. When I create a new limited edition piece, I decide on the limited number of pieces that will be sold, usually between 50 and 200. I withhold the #1 print of each run either for myself or to sell to a collector. First Print pieces are number FP 1 of however many pieces are in the run (FP 1/100 for example). First Prints are are almost always printed on ChromaLuxe Metal HD or Lumachrome HD acrylic, but regardless of size and medium, require an investment of $2000 more than the normal price of the piece. First Print pieces can be purchased in advance of the selection selling out, but as there is only one First Print per image in my limited edition collectors, they are more valuable and rare than the full body of the limited run. Much like Artist Proof's, First Print's are for serious collectors looking for something very special!

To enquire about an Artist Proof or First Print, please contact me directly.

"The Luxe" Package Experience

If you're looking to do a large scale project for your home or office that involves multiple pieces of fine art, I offer "The Luxe" package. "The Luxe" is reserved for those looking to spend $30k or more in fine art. This package allows for a more personal touch. If your project is in excess of $30k, I will personally fly out to your home or office to help oversee the project. When you choose "The Luxe" experience, I will help you with all aspects of the project that you desire help with. From help selecting the perfect sizes, print styles and suggestions on the pieces of fine art, your entire project will have a custom touch from the artist. I will also fly back to help oversee the professional installation of the pieces. Professional interior design services and installation are available, all directed and managed by me personally, leaving you to enjoy your art once it's all hung! To inquire about "The Luxe" experience, please contact me directly to discuss your project.

Open Edition Prints

In addition to my limited edition photographic prints, I also offer open edition prints of my entire archive of images. These images can be found by using the search archive or by visiting the open edition galleries that are sorted by location. All of my open edition photographic prints are available in sizing ranging from 12x18 to 60x40. Depending on the image, many of my photographs can even be printed at much larger sizes than that.

I offer a number of different printing mediums for my open editions. Open edition loose prints are printed on Epson Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper and shipped rolled. Mounting options include plaque mount, metal and acrylic. As a large percentage of my open editions are Kansas pieces, I use local printers to Wichita, Kansas for all of my open edition prints.

Choosing the Right Image

Trying to choose a piece of fine art can be a difficult experience for many. When you consider the space you have to work with and the color and lighting of the room, maybe things have to be taken into account. By purchasing one of my images, you are not only buying a photograph from me, but you are also working directly with the artist to help realize the goals you have for displaying your new piece of fine art.

You may already know what you want and what size you want it at. If so, that’s great! You’re able to order directly from the photography galleries at any time to get the printing process started! However, if you need assistance, regardless of whether it’s a single image in your home or to re-vamp an entire large office space, I am happy to help in any way I can to make the experience as comfortable and easy as possible!

If you’re imagine how one of my photographs will look in your home or office, I can mock-up a sample of what the space would look like with my artwork displayed in it. Just use my contact form to send me a message with the details of which print you’re interested in and the size you’re looking at. I’ll reply back and you can send me a photograph of the space you’re going to display the image in. I can take that photograph and send you back a mock-up of what the space will look like with the image.

The Purchasing Process

Regardless of whether you are purchasing an open edition or limited edition piece of fine art nature photography from me, the ordering process is practically the same! Visit the photo galleries and browse the photos. Click on the one you want to order. On the individual photo page, below the image, there are a number of print medium options that differ depending on whether it's an open edition or limited edition. Just select the medium and size of the fine art print you're interested in and click that orange "Add to Cart" button. From the cart, review your order and when you're satisfied, click "Checkout". You will then be taken to PayPal, where you can finish the ordering process. Just follow their steps to completion. You do not have to have a PayPal account to order. You can simply chose to pay with a card if you don't have a PayPal account.

Once the order has been placed, I will get the image file ready and sent off to the printer to have printed. They will directly ship the piece of fine art to you. In the meantime, if you ordered a limited edition fine art print, I will also send you the Certificate of Authenticity seperate from the artwork piece. Once you recieve your artwork, please inspect it within 24 hours. Most of the printers I use have a short window for inspecting the product and if it was damaged in any way, I need to let them know ASAP, otherwise the piece cannot be replaced. Once you're happy with your order, if you would like, you can Email me a testimonial to use on my website in the future. I would certainly appreciate that. I also gladly take kind Google and Facebook reviews too!