Dubrovnik Sunset - Mount Srd, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik Sunset

Limited Edition
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Mount Srd, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photographic Story

A brilliant sunset lights up the sky above the Adriatic Sea from a vantage point on Mount Srd. Mount Srd is a popular spot to view the sunset when in Dubrovnik. The views are out of this world, as you can see here. The many islands of the Croatian coastline, or the Dalmatian Riviera as it is aptly named, dot the landscape. Dubrovnik has survived since at least the 13th century, having been heavily damaged by an earthquake in the 1600s before being bombed heavily in the Yugoslavian wars of the 1990s. Dubrovnik was rebuilt again, and is even now a top destination in all of Europe, if not the world.


Limited Edition Run of 100 / Artist Proof Run of 4



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