ROMA Moulding Photography Frames

ROMA Moulding Photography Frames

While my TruLife acrylic prints and archival canvas prints can be hung without an external frame, for those that desire that added touch of class, these two print styles can be paired with a beautiful Italian hand-made ROMA frame. ROMA frames are created through traditional techniques by true Italian frame-making artisans that stand the test of time. Continue on to learn more about these beautiful ROMA frames. Optional white or black linen liners also come with these ROMA framed pieces.

ROMA Museum Grade Quality Framing Styles

From left to right, the selction of frames in the image above are listed below:

  • 1 - 4" Tabacchino Cigar Leaf
  • 2 - 4" Tabacchino Tobacco Leaf
  • 3 - 4" Tabacchino Dark Ash
  • 4 - 3.25" Moda White Lacquer
  • 5 - 3.25" Moda Black Lacquer
  • 6 - 3.5" Arber Smoked Pine Wood
  • 7 - 3.5" Arber Charcoal Black Wood
  • 8 - 3.5" Arber Soft Grey Wood
  • 9 - 3.5" Arber Charcoal Black
  • 10 - 3.5" Arber Dark Walnut
  • 11 - 3.5" Arber Chocolate
  • 12 - 3.5" Arber White

Each of these add 3-4" inches around each side of the image. Linen liner's add 2-3 inches as well if selected. While these frames are some of my favorites, any ROMA frames can be added to my TruLife Acrylic and archival canvas prints. Many of these frames showcased here also have smaller (and some larger) models. While these are the default standard sizes, sometimes it can help to choose a smaller frame width on 30x20" prints and smaller. If you're interested in discussing options, feel free to reach out to me!

ROMA Museum Grade Quality Fine Art Nature Photography Frames

ROMA's line of frames are synonomous with excellence and quality. Each frame style is hand-crafted from materials in Italy. I highlight three distinct frame styles further down the page that showcase some of their wonderful craftsmanship.

Hand-crafted in Italy

ROMA has a level of authenticity that is second to none. They manufacture their unique frames exclusively in Italy, working and partnering with artisans and their families who have been passing these framing traditions down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. That's why I've partner with ROMA to offer these phenominal frames for my TruLife acrylic prints as the ultimate in luxury. New in 2022, I also now offer my traditional archival canvas prints with ROMA framing as well.

Time-Tested Traditions

These beautiful ROMA frames are pieces of art in themselves. Not only are they hand-crafted by artisans in Italy that have been creating these unique frames for generations, but the frames themselves are created from solid, natural wood and non-toxic finishes. No plastic, poly, composite or toxic finishes of any kind are used in the creation of these frames. These details create the perfect frame for your TruLife acrylic or archival canvas artwork choice!

Amazing Frame Styles

I highlight three distinct styles, including the popular Tabacchino line of frames, along with two styles of the Arber family of frames. While these frames give you distinct options and color choices, ROMA has many more frame styles and sizes to choose from if desired. If you have a specific request beyond the frames offered on my photography pages and the styles below, feel free to reach out to me and I will work directly with you to find the piece of art and frame combination that fits your space perfectly!

ROMA Framed Lumachrome TruLife Acrylic Prints

ROMA Framed TruLife Acrylic Prints

While all Lumachrome TruLife prints come ready to hang as-is, the craftsmanship involved in a ROMA moudling frame is second to none. Adding a ROMA frame adds elegant and luxury to your fine art piece. All ROMA frames are hand-crafted in Italian. The Tabacchino line is inspired by the "piuma di ulivo" and it's detailed texture, preserving the warmth and beauty of the unique aged by nature’s elements that roll across the hills of the Tuscan countryside. Whereas, the ROMA Arber line has a glowing beauty and warm feeling handcrafted and inspired by the feeling of a cozy, warm cabin in the woods. I specifically chose these lines of frames for their beauty, but almost any ROMA moulding can be added to your Lumachrome TruLife acrylic print. Other mouldings such as Omega are possible as well.

ROMA Framed Canvas Prints

ROMA Framed Canvas Prints

New to 2022, I'm now offering archival canvas prints. Much like my TruLife acrylic prints, these high-gloss, high-quality archival canvas prints can also be framed with ROMA moulding frames. They also come with the option of a white or black linen liner, or can be framed without the liner as well. These ROMA framed canvas prints are truly a classic style for those that like the timeless look of a quality canvas framed with the luxury of ROMA moulding.