Larson Juhl Photography Frames

Larson Juhl Photography Frames

I currently offer Larson Juhl moulding frames for my Chromaluxe metal and gallery plaque wood mounts. Larson Juhl is one of the best framing companies in the world, having been founded in the late 1800's and carrying on it's rich history, quality and artisanship throughout the years.

Larson Juhl Fine Art Nature Photography Frames

For something truly unique, my Chromaluxe metal and gallery plaque wood mount prints are framed in a way that appears like they "float" in the frame, with just enough spacing betwen the frame and the art to really showcase both in a beautiful format.

Hand-crafted Beauty

Larson Juhl strives to create beautiful moulding. These frame styles have been created by master artisan frame-makers to create truly timeless picture frames.

Over a Century of Tradition

With almost 150 years of history and tradition behind them, Larson Juhl frames are some of the most beautiful mouldings in the world!

Amazing Frame Styles

Below are some of my favorite Larson Juhl mouldings to help you pick a great framing pairing with your Chromaluxe metal or Gallery plaque wood mount print.

Larson Juhl Framed Chromaluxe Metal Prints

Larson-Juhl Framed Chromaluxe Metal Prints

My Chromaluxe metal prints are some of the most popular prints I sell. New for 2022, I'm now offering them coupled with class Larson Juhl frames. These metal prints "float" in the Larson Juhl frame of your choice, created a modern, yet elegant, piece of artwork that compliments any room and space you can envision.

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Larson Juhl Framed Gallery Plaque Wood Mount Print

Larson-Juhl Framed Wood Mount Prints

Much like my Chromaluxe metal prints, my gallery plaque mount wood prints can also be framed in the beautiful Larson Juhl "float" look, creating a sleek, modern and elegent framed piece for any space.

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