Palo Duro Sunrise - Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas

Palo Duro Sunrise

Limited Edition
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This limited edition run of Palo Duro Sunrise has a run of 50 prints and 3 artist proofs. You can purchase fine art prints in a variety of mediums with optional frames above. For collectors wishing to purchase artist proofs of Palo Duro Sunrise or with questions about purchasing limited edition fine art prints, please contact me below.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas

Photographic Story

After years of wanting to visit Palo Duro Canyon, I made a last minute decision to skip my last night of bluebonnet photography to drive out of my way to Palo Duro in the panhandle of Texas. Palo Duro Canyon is actually the second largest canyon in the United States behind the famous Grand Canyon, Palo Duro spans anywhere from six to 20 miles wide and runs a length of around 120 miles! Palo Duro is a very impressive place. On my first visit, I was treated to this fantastic sunrise! All indications the night before were showing little chance of any kind of sunrise.


Limited Edition Run of 50 / Artist Proof Run of 3



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