Spiez Castle On Thunersee - Spiez, Switzerland

Spiez Castle On Thunersee

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Spiez, Switzerland

Photographic Story

This was easily one of my favorite shots from my 2009 trip to Switzerland. I don't know if it was just perfect lighting that day, or if it was just generally always this colorful, but Spiez was gorgeous! What was really striking to me was the color of the water. The lake was just such a brilliant bluish-green, and the way the clouds floated over Thunersee (Lake Thun) giving off shadows made the sun really light up the blue in the lake. The castle and town were equally excellent, with a beautiful harbor below. In fact, the entire canton of Bern and the Bernese Alps are just gorgeous. Everywhere you turn there's either a massive mountain or a gorgeous lake like the one in this picture. Because of the massive size of this photo and how this little image of it doesn't do it justice, I used this photo to show the quality of print size of my photos.


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