Sunrise over Lake Bled - Lake Bled, Slovenia

Sunrise over Lake Bled

Limited Edition
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This limited edition run of Sunrise over Lake Bled has a run of 200 prints and 5 artist proofs. You can purchase fine art prints in a variety of mediums with optional frames above. For collectors wishing to purchase artist proofs of Sunrise over Lake Bled or with questions about purchasing limited edition fine art prints, please contact me below.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Photographic Story

I woke up extremely early to begin my climb up the western side of Lake Bled to the Ojstrica viewpoint. I was not sure what to expect in regards to others looking for a good sunrise spot or if I would have it to myself. I arrived second, but got a great vantage point, with many others showing up afterwards. I am glad I did, as this view was stunning, with the sun peaking over the mountains casting warm colors on the blue lake surface.


Limited Edition Run of 200 / Artist Proof Run of 5



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