The Walled City of Pitigliano - Pitigliano, Italy

The Walled City of Pitigliano

Limited Edition
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Pitigliano, Italy

Photographic Story

While I have been blessed to see some of the worlds most beautiful locations, there are still moments as a photographer that absolutely take my breath away. This was such a moment. I had researched the towns of Pitigliano and Sorano in preparation for visiting Tuscany. After some detours I almost did not make it here in time, but coming around the bend in the road to immediately open up to this viewpoint, with the setting sun casting insane golden light across the town was a moment that made my jaw drop. Even as a professional photographer, I worry that my work here does not do the scene justice. The warm light on the ancient walls of such an amazing walled city was just phenomenal! Printed at high resolution, this one is a stunner for sure!


Limited Edition Run of 100 / Artist Proof Run of 4



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