Windandsea Surf Shack Sunset - Windandsea Beach, La Jolla, California

Windandsea Surf Shack Sunset

Limited Edition
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Windandsea Beach, La Jolla, California

Photographic Story

One of the coolest spots along the entire California coastline is a little surf shack in La Jolla, California called the Windansea Surf Shack. Located along the Windandsea Beach near San Diego, it is a popular spot for surfers catching waves. It is also a sweet spot for sunsets as I found out on the one night I had to spend here! Watching dozens of surfers riding waves was pretty cool. A lifeguard left his surfboard under the shack, and while I had to clone out quite a few people (including a wedding party taking wedding pictures) to get this shot, I thought leaving the surf board in added a bit to the shot. The Windandsea Sea Shack was originally added to the La Jolla, California coastline in 1946. The shack has been damaged and even destroyed a few times over the years, but always gets fixed right back up as it has become a popular landmark along the Windandsea Beach. In 1998 it was designed as a National Historic Landmark.


Limited Edition Run of 100 / Artist Proof Run of 4


Classic Landscape

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