Kansas Photography Guide Ebook

Coming Late Summer 2020

Over the years, I have recieved many requests for where locations are across Kansas. Having exploreded it extensively as a landscape photographer for more than a decade has left me with a lot of subject material to cover. My goal is not to have an exhaustive list of every possible place in the entire Kansas. That would likely be impossible in one book. Rather, I wanted to give insight into some of my favorite shooting locations across the state. From my favorite waterfalls to great scenic drives and scenic viewpoints.

Who Is This Ebook For?

This ebook guide is suitable for photographers of all levels. While it is largely catered to landscape photographers looking to find great spots to shoot, portrait photographers, night photographers and others may also find useful information. In addition, it can be used as a great tool for those just looking to explore Kansas and find all of the cool places it has to offer. Many of these locations can be shot with something as simple as a cell phone to post on your Instagram account, making this ebook useful to anyone wanting to explore Kansas - from nature photographers looking for new ways to photograph Kansas to explorers with a cell phone to potentially portrait photographers in Kansas wanting unique locations for sessions.


  • Four distinct regions to explore: Eastern Kansas, the Flint Hills, Central Kansas and Western Kansas.
  • Symbols to guide you to the best locations for specific types of photography.
  • Suggested itineraries for some of my favorite road trips across the state.
  • The best spots for specific photography such as drone photography, astro/night photography, seasonal considerations and more.
  • Helpful links to more information