Loch Vale Alpineglow - The Loch, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Loch Vale Alpineglow

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The Loch, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Photographic Story

I had gotten up at 2 in the morning to start hiking up into Loch Vale for a sunrise shot on Memorial Day 2012. By the time I arrived, a combination of wind, chilly air and lack of clouds made for a difficult time in getting a good sunrise. I ended up settling with this photo. The alpineglow on the Loch's surrounding peaks gave this photo some good color, while the wind blew across the lake with a furious howl. Because of the wind, the lake was choppy and many of the waves would crash against the fragile plant life and rocks on the edge of the lake. This created a layer of ice over most things surrounding the lake. From tree trunks to grass, everything was covered in ice.


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