Purple Lauterbrunnen Sunset - Lauterbrunnen, Bernese Alps, Switzerland

Purple Lauterbrunnen Sunset

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Lauterbrunnen, Bernese Alps, Switzerland

Photographic Story

This photo of a purple Lauterbrunnen sunset was easily one of the most memorable times I had while in Switzerland. The entire evening was simply gorgeous. It was mostly cloudy, but there was no rain, no wind, and the temperature was perfect. So I went out for a walk with my camera. After walking most of the way down the Lauterbrunnental valley and coming back to near our hostel, I turned back to gaze upon Lauterbrunnen, it's church, and the entire waterfall filled valley. Sunset had set in over Lauterbrunnen, and there was a crazy purple hue, as you can see in the shot!


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