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If you've spent very much time on my website, you'll know that I offer a number of services and products. Whether you're interested in buying prints for your home and office or you're looking to hire me for commercial work, you've come to the right place! I hope this page gives you a little insight into who I am and what drives me to create award-winning and compelling images and videos.
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Whether you're a business looking to purchase a bulk order of fine art prints for your offices or you're looking to hire me on a full marketing campaign, I have a wide variety of skills that can help elevate your brand. Between ten years spent shooting landscape photography, over twenty years in web design and development and over a decade spent working on brands and marketing campaigns, my photography business has blossumed into something so much more. If I had to pin it down in a couple of words, I would call it a mini creative agency. While photography may seem front and center, I actually offer a variety of related services. I love helping use my creative outlets that include photography, traditional and time-lapse video, drone footage, web design and development, SEO and social media work to help compliment your marketing plans and branding. Read on to learn more about all of my various services.

Fine Art Prints

For many years, I traveled, shot photos and sold prints. During this time, I worked in marketing departments as a website designer and developer. I've had my hand in SEO, social media, branding, full marketing campaigns, video and of course, photography and website design and development. Over the past couple of years, my business has naturally evolved from strictly landscape, travel and nature photography into a mini-creative agency. However, I still sell fine art prints of my photography. In fact, it's still a large part of my business. I love hearing about how a small 8x12 inch print compliments a clients living room nicely. Alternatively, I also love seeing banks, dentist offices and other businesses deck their walls with my images to make their workspace bright and beautiful! And if you're one of those clients or businesses, I would love to work with you on adding to your decor! You can visit the prints page to learn more or start shopping for prints in my photo galleries.


Licensing of my photos for commercial projects of all shapes and sizes has become an important part of what I do. I have licensed my images to travel magazines and tourism brochures such as Visit Wichita and KANSAS! Magazine to enhance their creative look and feel with vibrant full page photography. All of the photos in my photo galleries are available for licensing. Just contact me for more information.

Assignment & Corporate Photography & Video

Whether you're a hotel wanting some timelapse footage of your property or you work for a major tourism agency looking for some stunning photography or aerial footage of a location, I can work with you to realize your vision. Photography and video has become so engrained in all aspects of marketing and branding that high quality imagery and footage is essential to building a brand or making a marketing plan successful. I have all the tools and experience to realize a dream project. From gorgeous time-lapse footage, to high quality drone video and photography to the stunning imagery I've become known for, I can bring your project a touch of the awe-inspiring. Just shoot me a line to discuss your project and we can get the ball rolling!

Website Design & Development

Before I ever starting shooting photography even remotely semi-professionally, I was a web designer and developer. I have over 20 years of experience in website design and development. I have watched the Internet industry grow from it's early days to where it is now while seeing design trends come and go and the rise of responsive design grow into an intregal part of the design and development of a website.

One thing that has helped set me apart from many other photographers is the ability to always have a strong website to house my work. I have spent years researching countless SEO ideas, design trends and development tricks to create a beautiful website that has envolved over the years. One thing I am particularly excited about is the use of Google Maps in my website designs. I have incorporated these into my websites for years now using the powerful Google Maps API. You can see this use of Google Maps in my interactive photo gallery map and in many of my travel websites, such as Kansas is Beautiful. I absolutely love working with tourism groups to create interactive ways to explore their locations by combining my creative services with Google Maps and their street views.

If you're in the industry of tourism or something similiar and want to discuss a project you'd like me to work on, please feel free to contact me to get the ball rolling!

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