TruLife Acrylic Prints

TruLife Lumachrome and FujiFlex Acrylic Fine Art Prints

After years of printing on various mediums, I came across Lumachrome and FujiFlex acrylic prints and was blown away by the quality of these two photo papers that are made specifically for acrylic printing! Created from state-of-the-art print papers, putting these behind a piece of TruLife acrylic glass creates an archival print with vivid, brilliant colors and incredible 3D depth and dimensionality. When put under proper lighting, the iridium infused particles react in a way that makes the print come alive. TruLife acrylic glass adds to the presentation by cutting down on glare and making it more resistant to scratching and abrasions than other acrylic mediums. Read on for more!

Anatomy of a TruLife Acrylic Print

The process of creating a TruLife acrylic print starts with a paper Lumachrome or FujiFlex fine art print. These two papers are the finest paper types in the world to be put behind acrylic glass. Being full of vibrant colors, incredible depth, extreme details and beautiful saturation puts them a step above any other acrylic print mediums. Under good lighting, the depth, sharpness and color is pure luxury. The art of creating a these prints are also archival. Archival adhesive layers are used to protect the print, while a high quality backing layer (usually another piece of archival acrylic) and a rear ROMA float mount frame hanging system are used to make the print both durable and solid. The final touch is the TruLife® acrylic glass. TruLife® acrylic is 99% UV protected, scratch resistant, anti-static and anti-reflective. TruLife Lumachrome & FujiFlex acrylic fine art prints are the ultimate in luxury. They come ready to hang without the need for an external frame. That said, if a frame is desired, hand-made Italian ROMA moulding frames such as Tabacchino, Arber and Moda styles are available!

True Luxury

What makes a TruLife acrylic print so special?

TruLife Lumachrome or FujiFlex acrylic prints are the finest acrylic print mediums on the market today, creating a piece of fine art that showcases unsurpassed detail, incredible 3D dimensionality, vibrant colors and breath-taking details.

Brilliant Color

The ability to hold brilliant color for over 100 years creates a truly timeless piece of fine art.

Incredible 3D Depth & Dimensionality

Unbelievable resolution, clarity, vibrancy and dimensionality with an incredible 3D image quality. Put under quality lighting, the piece of art appears backlit and holographic.

Superior Details

Unsurprised level of detail that allows for showing the tack-sharp features of each piece of fine art.

TruLife Acrylic

TruLife acrylic stands above traditional acrylic by offering higher contrast & sharpness, an anti-reflective surface and more protection from abrasion and scratches.

Optional Luxury Framing

Trulife Lumachrome acrylic prints come with the option to add hand-made Italian ROMA framing for an extra touch of luxury and elegance.

Optimized For Beauty

From the moment I click the shutter on my camera to the processing work to perfect each piece of fine art, my limited edition fine art prints were created for superior sharpness and details that make them perfect for the Lumachrome medium!

TruLife Acrylic Surface

This innovative single sided, anti-reflective, abrasion resistant acrylic, was developed specifically for direct print and face mount applications. It captures details with lifelike colors, incredible depth, and clarity for the highest-resolution viewing experience possible.

Anti-Static and UV resistance

Anti-static properties help minimize dust. TruLife is also 99% UV protected.

Anti-Reflective Surface

Reflections are nearly invisible due to TruLife anti-relfective surface. It can be cleaned with standard glass cleaner.

Abrasion Resistance

While any print can be damaged if not properly cared for, you can give yourself peace of mind knowing that your artwork is more resistant to and abrasions than typical acrylic glass prints.

The picture looks amazing! And the most important thing is my wife thinks it's beautiful and loves it! Got it up on the wall this evening as well. It honestly looks better in person! It's hard to really understand the quality and difference of the Lumachrome format online, but after reading how you and others describe the result, and now seeing it in person I totally get it. Again, you captured a really unique moment of an iconic area and we're excited to have it up on our walls! Matt R. from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Excellent colors and depth, the Lumachrome is definitely the way to go. I was looking at a similar artist based out of Las Vegas and came across Mickey's work. I purchased the 54x74 portrait and I am extremely happy with my decision. Mickey was also great in answering questions throughout the process. John L. from New York, New York

TruLife Acrylic Prints

Italian Hand-Made ROMA Frames

I am pleased to offer some of the finest framing for fine art possible with ROMA moulding Italian hand-made frames. While all Lumachrome TruLife prints come ready to hang as-is, there is something luxurious and elegant about a piece with a ROMA frame. The craftsmanship involved in a ROMA moudling frame is second to none. ROMA frames come with a linen liner in a choice of a number of colors.

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