Top 10 Key West Art Galleries

| Updated on June 7, 2022

History of the Arts in Key West, Florida

Key West has a rich history and tradition with the arts. Many famous artists have found inspiration at Key West over the years including the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Jimmy Buffet, Winslow Homer, Tennessee Williams, Mario Sanchez and John James Audubon. These famous key west artists have called Key West their home and created beautiful art and music that were inspired by Key West.

Key West Sunrise
Key West Sunrise - Prints AvailableA gorgeous sunrise at Smathers Beach in Key West, Florida. Limited Edition of 200.

Key West Duval Street Art Galleries

Cutting across the western part of Key West, running mostly north to south, Duval Street is the soul of Key West. Named after William Pope Duval, the first territorial governor of Florida, many popular art galleries, restaurants, tourist shops and historical buildings can be found lining the streets. It is considered the heart of Key West and regardless of the fact that it’s only 1.25 miles long, it is sometimes nick-named the longest street in the world due to the fact that it runs from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean.

Many of the most famous art galleries can be found on Duval Street. Quite a few in the list below are located on the famous street. A trip to Key West isn’t complete without at least spending a little time walking the shops, galleries and restaurants along Duval Street.

Smathers Beach Sunrise
Smathers Beach Sunrise - Prints AvailableA wooden Cuban fishing boat lays shipwrecked on Smathers Beach at sunrise

Top 10 Key West Art Galleries

Keep in mind this list of Key West Art Galleries is completely subjective. There are dozens of art galleries in Key West that are amazing and could easily make this list as well. But this list will give you a nice starting point to find beautiful art in and of Key West, Florida!

1. Mickey Shannon Photography

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2. Key West Gallery

With nearly 70 artists represented by the Key West Gallery, there is a lot of variety here for art collectors! Located on Duval Street, the art on display is curated by gallery owner Kellie Alpert and includes

3. Art on Duval: A Procaccini Gallery

The Procaccini Gallery on Duval Street is a creation of photographer Michael Procaccini. It features his work, along with the work of nearly a dozen other artists including photography, drawings and paintings. He also has a gallery in Naples, Florida.

4. Key West Art and Historical Society

With four culturally distinct museums at the Key West Museum of Art & History, the Key West Lighthouse & Keeper’s Quarters, Fort East Martello and the Tennessee Williams Museum, the Key West Art and Historical Society is a great place to start if you’re wanting to learn more about the history and culture behind the arts scene on Key West.

5. The Gallery on Greene

Gallery on Greene features almost 40 artists including Pulitzer Prize winners Jeff MacNelly and Annie Dillard and well known Key West legendary artists Mario Sanchez and Tennessee Williams.

6. LIK Key West Art Gallery

Well known for his best-selling photography that has commanded millions of dollars in previous years, Peter Lik’s Key West gallery is full of images from Key West and beyond.

7. Wyland Gallery of the Florida Keys

Robert Wyland is a well known conservationist and artist with a big footprint down in the Florida Keys. His gallery features the works of Steve Barton, Michael Cheval, Wyland himself and many more.

8. Audubon House Gallery

Visiting the Audubon House itself is almost as big of a deal as the artwork. The house contains almost 30 first-edition works by John James Audubon, who first visited the Florida Keys in the 1830s, painting many of the local birds. Seperate from the House, the Audubon House Gallery, it contains a collection of 19th century original Audubon art along with a larger collection of art by John James Audubon.

9. Zazoo Fine Art Gallery

The owner of Zazoo Fine Art Gallery, Don Oriolo, is also the son of the creator of the famous cartoon Felix the Cat. So if you’re a fan, it would be a place worth visiting! Zazoo Fine Art Gallery not only features Don Oriolo’s artwork, but the paintings and photography of about a dozen other artists.

10. Alan S. Maltz Gallery

Located on Duval Street, the Alan S. Maltz Gallery contains the fine art nature and wildlife fine art by Alan S. Maltz, including his collection “Old Florida”.

Key West Photography Gallery and Fine Art Prints

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