Beach Photography Wall Art: Inspiring a Calm and Relaxing Interior Design

| Updated on January 4, 2022

The first thing that most people think of when they think of ocean and beach photography is palm trees, sunshine and walking bare-foot in the sand while relaxing to the sights and sounds of turquoise blue waves. Beach photography wall art is meant to inspire a calm and relaxing feeling when viewing it. Sure, there are those scenes of huge winter swells crashing into the rocks along coastline cliffs that inspire powerful emotions, and those also have their place. But most beach and ocean photography wall art gives you a sense of tranquility in your art decor.

Many of the places I’ve traveled to and taken beach photography include some of the best ocean scenery in North America! From Hawaii’s beautiful garden island of Kauai to Florida’s white sands to California’s stunning coastline! Below are some of the locations I have visited with those awesome coastal vibes! All of these images are available as fine art limited edition prints in my Ocean Photography Gallery.

Scripps Pier Twilight
Scripps Pier Twilight - Prints AvailableTwilight at the famous Scripps Pier in La Jolla, California.

Inspiring Your Art Decor and Interior Design

Beach photography can inspire a design space with the feelings of relaxation and calming tranquility. Looking at photos of waves or a sunny beach can really lift the moods of the customers and clients of your business or the guests you have in your home.

If you are wondering what your walls might look like with one of these pieces of beach photography fine art hanging on it, message me and send in a photo of your space. I can help you find a piece of beach photography art that will compliment your space. I offer free mockups to get a vision of what your space will look like with one or more of these beautiful ocean and beach imagery.

Sunkissed - Prints AvailableSunset light on the cliffs at McWay Falls along the coastline of Big Sur, California

Health Benefits of Calming Photography

According to a 2006 study in Health Promotion International, not only does being in nature have amazing health benefits, but viewing nature scenes can also provide a wide range of positive health effects. Photography of the ocean, beaches and seascapes rank right up there with the best of natural scenery for creating a positive, calm, relaxing atmosphere in your home or office space. Nature based therapy is a real thing, and can provide reduction in stress and depression, while stimulating emotions such as joy and happiness. Viewing scenes in nature can bring a sense of comfort with that joy, while helping overcome negative emotions and feelings. Have you ever heard someone say “I could sit and just watch the waves for hours”? Well, the reason for that is that it invokes feelings of calmness, joy and tranquility. Viewing nature photography of the ocean has a similar effect to being there in person! This is why nature scenery such as beach photography, rolling waves and other seascapes are often placed in nursing homes, medical centers and hospitals.

Hawaiian Sunrise
Hawaiian Sunrise - Prints AvailableHawaiian sunrise north of Lihue at Lydgate State Park

Hawaii: A Magical Place for Beach Photography

Hawaii is one of those dream destinations that everyone wants to visit! For photographers, one of the most magical islands for beach photography is the Garden Island of Kauai. I have had the pleasure of visiting twice. From aerial views of aqua blue waves as they crash into the ocean, to beautiful sunrises, the coastline of Kauai is full of magic!

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Florida Beaches: White Sands Beach Photography Wall Art

In my two trips to Florida I have had the pleasure of visiting both Destin, Florida and Anna Maria Island to the south of Tampa. Both were beautiful! Destin was full of pastel colored sunsets, white sand beaches and a relaxing vibe by the ocean.

Destin Dreams
Destin Dreams - Prints AvailablePastel sunset colors at a white sand beach near Destin, Florida.

I’ve also spent a week on Anna Maria Island, where I captured a beautiful aerial panorama of the entire island at sunrise, along with this top down view of a wave coming in from the Gulf of Mexico. I hope to visit the Florida Keys and Naples area in the next few months to add to these Florida images!

Crescent Roll Wave
Crescent Roll Wave - Prints AvailableAerial view of waves off of Anna Maria Island

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California Beach Photography: La Jolla to Big Sur is Big Beauty!

I’ve been lucky enough to drive nearly the entire length of the California coastline where highway meets the ocean – and in large parts of it, multiple times. Starting in the south, San Diego and La Jolla are some of my favorite places to photograph the beach and ocean! As you move further north, Malibu and Big Sur have some spectacular scenes to work with. Full of interesting sea cliffs, surf shacks, piers and amazing beaches, California’s coastline is full of beautiful scenery!

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Ocean Photography Drone Shots

Some of my favorite things to shoot, which are also some of my best sellers, are shots of waves looking straight down from a drone. I can spend hours trying to capture that perfectly formed wave at the precise moment it’s about to crest and crash into the water below. My dream is to find one with a dolphin, shark or other sea animal in it someday. I’m still working on that. But I’m having a blast shooting these. And people love them as wall art and fine art ocean photography prints. Most of them were shot either early in the morning or at more remote beaches as to not disturb others. It’s fun to capture these in the winter months when waves are larger. That allows for the waves to crash even harder and show that raw motion! Here is one of my favorite examples of that:

Top of the Wave
Top of the Wave - Prints AvailableA wave comes crashing down above Tunnels Beach on the island of Kauai, Hawaii

Do you like one of the images you’ve seen above? My ocean photography collection is available in limited edition runs of 50, 100 and 200 using some of the most luxurious fine art print mediums available, such as TruLife acrylic, Chromaluxe metal and more! While these print mediums come ready to heang, they can be optionally coupled with Italian hand-made ROMA or Larson Juhl frames.

For more ocean and beach photography for sale, visit my Ocean Photography page!