10 Beautiful Tree Tunnels to Explore

| Updated on February 22, 2024

What is a tree tunnel?

Typically a tree tunnel is defined as a driveway, road or other pathway lined with trees that form a canopy. This can be intentional, such as the giant avenue of oaks in the southeastern United States or it can be part of a natural formation of trees that overgrew above a walking path or other track.

What is a tree tunnel?Typically a tree tunnel is defined as a driveway, road or other pathway lined with trees that form a canopy.

10 Beautiful Tree Tunnels Around the World

When I’m at an art festival or set up at an event with my photography, it’s always inevitable that at least daily where a tree tunnel photograph was taken. It’s even funnier when they point out my Fawn in the Forest photograph from the California cypress tree tunnel and ask if it’s from Ireland. Which I reply and say “No, but that’s just around the corner over here!” Or vise versa. Something about tree tunnels really draws people in. They are some of my favorite subjects to photograph. This list is compromised only of tree tunnels I’ve actually visited. There are undoubtedly other tree tunnels in the world that I would love to add to this collection, but the criteria for this list is that I actually have visited them. So in no particular order, here is my list of favorite tree tunnels:

The Dark Hedges | Northern Ireland

The Dark Hedges is certainly one of the most iconic tree tunnels in the world! While they have always been popular, the Dark Hedges were made even more famous as one of the filming spots in Game of Thrones. The normal scenery usually includes fog, but when I visited in late spring, I got the rare treat of sunshine, with the sunrise light warming the beech trees with golden light. Located between the towns of Armoy and Stranocum, the Dark Hedges are not far from the Causeway coastline of Northern Ireland. The entire region is very beautiful.

Morning at the Dark Hedges
Morning at the Dark Hedges - Prints AvailableMorning at the Dark Hedges | Beautiful sunlight floods the famous Dark Hedges | Limited Edition Run of 100

Wormsloe Avenue of Oaks | Savannah, Georgia

If there is one place known for tree tunnels, it’s the South. The southeastern states of the United States have so many beautiful old live oak trees, and many old plantations, homes and other places have some of the most beautiful tree lined paths, roads and driveways in the world. One of the more famous tree tunnels is the avenue of live oaks at Wormsloe. This historic site is Georgia’s oldest plantation. More than 400 live oaks line this avenue of trees, with Spanish moss hanging off of them. It is definitely a site to behold!

Wormsloe Row
Wormsloe Row - Prints AvailableWormsloe Row | Savannah's Famous Wormsloe Plantation Drive | Limited Edition Run of 100

The Cypress Tree Tunnel | Point Reyes National Seashore, California

Possibly my favorite tree tunnel on this list – mostly because of the unexpected – is the cypress tree tunnel at Point Reyes National Seashore, north of San Francisco. The KPH Maritime Radio Receiving Station awaits at the end of the driveway. That is where I was photographing, when a baby deer and mother deer walked into frame for this photograph. I had already moved on from photographing the tree tunnel when I saw then walking through the tree tunnel. I quickly tried to setup, but had a shutter speed just a little too slow to capture moving animals. In the first photo I took, the mother was pretty blurry, but thankfully the baby stopped for just a couple of seconds before running off after the mother, leaving me with a unique photograph and experience most don’t get here!

Fawn in the Forest
Fawn in the Forest - Prints AvailableFawn in the Forest | A baby deer stands along the cypress tree lined road at Point Reyes National Seashore | Limited Edition Run of 200

Oak Alley Plantation | Louisiana

Another tree tunnel in the south, Oak Alley’s avenue of live oaks includes a pathway and manicured yard leading up to the extravagant building. These live oaks are more than 300 years old! When I visited years ago, a fox was running around the trees on the left side. Oak Alley is located near Vacherie, Louisiana, with the mighty Mississippi River running right next to it.

The Fox at Oak Alley Plantation
The Fox at Oak Alley Plantation - Prints AvailableOak Alley Plantation Path | A fox runs across the live oak lined pathway to the Oak Alley Plantation | Open Edition

The Road to Poipu | Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii

I’ve been to this tree tunnel many times over the years, but still haven’t managed to capture a photograph I’m happy with. It’s a very difficult spot to get a photo of, as cars are constantly zipping up and down the road. Even early in the morning, people from Lihue are heading into Poipu tourist area for work, making it a difficult one. But it’s still a beautiful spot and well deserving on my list of favorite tree tunnels.

Aspen Alley | Southern Wyoming

Way off the beaten path, just north of the Wyoming-Colorado border is a perfectly straight gravel road that cuts straight through a beautiful aspen forest. Aspens are known for their brilliant gold colors in the autumn, and these trees put on a beautiful display year after year.

Autumn at Aspen Alley
Autumn at Aspen Alley - Prints AvailableAspen Alley | Aspen tree lined row in autumn glory | Limited Edition Run of 100

Tomotley Plantation | South Carolina

This one is private property, but you can view the live oak lined driveway along the Tomotely Plantation from the road. The way the evening sunlight hits the trees before sunset is just magical! Just down the road is the ruins of Old Sheldon Church – one of the most impressive set of ruins anywhere in the US.

The Veiled Path
The Veiled Path - Prints AvailableThe Veiled Path | Tomotley Plantation features a beautiful driveway lined with live oaks, dripping with Spanish moss | Limited Edition Run of 100

Bonaventure Cemetery | Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is the only location that gets two spots on this list! Bonaventure cemetery is full of live oaks. While I didn’t catch the azalea bloom on time the year I visited, it was still beautiful. But this tree tunnel is even more spectacular when the azaleas line the road with their pink flowers in full bloom. If you go, try to time it with bloom season for a fantastic scene!

Savannah Beauty
Savannah Beauty - Prints AvailableSavannah Beauty | Bonaventure Cemtery at sunrise in the spring | Limited Edition Run of 100

Rockwood Farm Driveway | Snoqualmie, Washington

Likely Washington’s most famous driveway, the tree lined driveway at Rockwood Farms is also probably the most photograhed driveway in the state. Located in Snoqualmie, it’s beautiful in all four seasons, but even more stunning when autumn colors put on a show to add some magic to the tree tunnel!

Red Carpet Road
Red Carpet Road - Prints AvailableRed Carpet Road | Autumn colored trees line this driveway in Snoqualmie, Washington | Limited Edition Run of 50

Tunnel Di Pini | Pisa, Tuscany, Italy

This is another tree tunnel that I sadly don’t have a photograph of. Or at least, one I’m happy enough with to release as a fine art print. But it makes my list anyways, because it was such a beautiful tree tunnel! I visited in mid-day, with harsh shadows making photography difficult, but the possibilities for great photographs here are endless. It makes the list for sheer beauty.

Tree Tunnel Pictures

All of the photographs and more tree tunnels are available as fine art prints in my trees and forest photography collection. From the hauntingly beautiful live oaks of the south to the surprise baby deer amongs the cypress trees, all of these images can be printed on acrylic, metal, archival canvas and archival paper!