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Best Kansas Sunflower Fields

Over the years, I’ve visited dozens of sunflower fields across the state of Kansas. After all, we’re known as the Sunflower State for a reason right? However, surprisingly, depending on what part of Kansas you hail from, finding a sunflower can be somewhat difficult! That’s why I’ve come up with this handy guide to finding the best fields around Kansas. After being asked year after year when and where sunflower fields are blooming, I thought this would be the best way to help other photographers find fields and also impart a little wisdom on how best to find the fields along with ways to respect the farmers who depend on their crop. I plan to update this guide every year as sunflower season approaches with any new information. I’m also sticking to sunflower fields that are operated by farmers that actually want folks coming out to take photographs and see the sunflowers. I won’t be listing random fields that are just being grown for crops, as those sunflower farms may not want visitors potentially damaging their crops. In the cases of the Kansas sunflower farms in this list, all have actively promoted their fields on social media and many offer donation boxes for you to take a sunflower home with you.

Sunburst Sunflowers
Sunburst SunflowersPrints AvailableA partially obscured sun creates a large sunburst in front of a patch of sunflowers in south central Kansas!

Sunflower Season

Here in Kansas sunflowers have a short window of growth. The best month is usually August, sometimes rolling into early September. However, some years, sunflower fields will pop up as early as mid-July or as late as the end of September. My general rule of thumb (and this is very general and sometimes doesn’t always hold true) is that many of the early fields are south around Wichita. While later fields seem to pop up further north towards Kansas City, Lawrence and Manhattan or way out west near Goodland. But that’s just a general rule of thumb. I’ve even run across a field near Lindsborg on my way out to Colorado for fall colors in late September before, so it really just depends on when the farmer plants his field of sunflowers.

So with that out of the way, here is the scoop on sunflower fields in Kansas that I know of this year:

Unnamed Augusta Field

Augusta, Kansas | Peak: Late July/Early August

One of the first fields to pop up in 2019 has been the field to the southeast of Augusta. This Kansas sunflower field is turning into an annual field. It was grown last year as well. They’ve done a good job creating some parking and a way to walk into the field. I would imagine it will be in good enough shape until mid-August or so!

Sunflower Storms
Sunflower StormsPrints AvailableStorms over a sunflower field at Klausmeyer Dairy Farm and Pumpkin Patch

Klausmeyer Dairy Farm and Pumpkin Patch

Clearwater, Kansas | Peak: Varied

Klausmeyer Farm and Pumpkin Patch is unique in that they usually have multiple fields each year. These are some of the best sunflower fields in Kansas! I spent quite a bit of time here in August as it’s the closest sunflower field near me. Their first field, located just northeast of the actual farm started blooming in early August. Their next field will likely be ready later in the month. So those in the Wichita and surrounding areas will have a good month or so to enjoy the beautiful sunflower farm! Make sure to keep up with their Facebook page to get up to the minute updates on the status of each field.

Walter’s Pumpkin Patch

El Dorado, Kansas | Peak: Mid-August

The field at Walter’s Pumpkin Patch is holding the Kansas Sunflower Festival in mid-August this year.

Gieringer’s Family Orchard & Berry Farm

Edgerton, Kansas | Peak: Mid-August

Like Walter’s Pumpkin Patch, Gieringers Family Orchard & Berry Farm is planning a sunflower festival in mid-August. A recent post on their Facebook page said that sunflowers are now in bloom! The sunflower festival will be held on the weekends of August 9-11 and August 16-18! You can get your tickets on the Gieringer’s Sunflower Fest website.

Eleanor’s Events

Lyndon, Kansas | Peak: Mid-August to Mid-September
Located between Scranton and Lyndon, Kansas, Eleanor’s will be offering three sunflower fields this year! The first one is already bloomed and they will continue to bloom into September. They also have a Sunflower Festival that will run from August 30 until September 15, 2019. You can keep up with their sunflower fields and get information about the festival by visiting Eleanor’s Events Facebook page.

Sunflowers at Attention
Sunflowers at AttentionPrints AvailableSunflowers stand at attention to watch a beautiful sunset in south central Kansas.

Britt’s Garden Acres

Manhattan, Kansas | Peak: Late-August/Early September

For sunflowers in the Flint Hills, look no further than Britt’s Garden Acres! This awesome family run farm has an annual sunflower field. They recently replied to a question on their Facebook page about the status of their sunflower field. They replied that it was looking like late August or early September for blooming time!

Peterson Farm Brothers

Lindsborg, Kansas | Peak: Late-August/Early September

For the past two years, Peterson Farm Brothers have grown sunflower fields. This year, they will again host the Sunflower Trails field. They anticipate the blooms to be happening between August 25 and September 5. Stop by their Facebook page or the The Heights – Wedding Reception Venue & Sunflower Agritourism Facebook page. While you wait for their sunflower field to bloom, you should absolutely go visit their awesome YouTube account! Here’s a video they produced about growing Kansas sunflowers:

Schwinn Produce Farm

Leavenworth, Kansas | Peak: Early September?

Looking for a sunflower field up in northeast Kansas? Then look no further than Schwinn Produce Farm up in the Leavenworth area! While they haven’t confirmed they will have a sunflower field this year, they have been one of the more reliable fields in recent years. In years past, their sunflowers tend to bloom around early September. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for any updates!

Grinter Farms

Lawrence, KS | Peak: Late August-Early September

This one is the ultimate sunflower field in Kansas. Typically it makes it into the top ten of most lists of sunflower fields in the entire United States, like this sunflower field article from Better Homes & Gardens. It draws insane crowds every year! There are reports in years past of traffic shutting down the entire road and causing accidents! Grinter Farms has become a yearly tourist attraction around the Labor Day weekend for folks from Kansas City, Topeka, Lawrence and even from out of state. Thousands of people flock to Grinter Farms when sunflower season blooms. The best way to get updates on the condition of the sunflowers at Grinter Farms is to visit their Facebook page. General rule of thumb is to consider Labor Day peak, but in some years the sunflowers bloom earlier or later. One of the best things about Grinter Farms is the rolling hills that dot the landscape. Many of the fields around Wichita are flat, whereas Grinter Farms has a bit of curve to it! If you want to see the field without throngs of tourists, try a weekday at sunrise to beat the crowds!

Berry Hill UPick

Berrytown, Kansas | Peak: Early-Mid September

Berry Hill UPick’s sunflower fields will give Topeka area residents (and those of us up for a little roadtrip) a chance to keep enjoying sunflowers well into September! They have two fields growing. The second field is looking the better of the two according to their Facebook page and will be ready around the second or third weekend of September!

Other Kansas Locations

In years past, I have found sunflower fields near Oxford, near Cedar Bluff State Park, Goodland, Pilsen, McPherson, Hutchinson, Marion, Peck, Peabody and Halstead. I’m sure there are many more around the state that I’m unaware of. If you know of any and would like me to list it on this page, contact me with any information you have on it and I’ll get it listed! Directions, nearest town, peak blooming times, etc. are all appreciated! I plan to make this blog post into an annual tradition and would love to make it a catch all place to find information on sunflower fields here in Kansas!

Pilsen Sunflower Sunset
Pilsen Sunflower SunsetPrints AvailableA beautiful sunset lights up behind a sunflower field near Pilsen, Kansas

Farm Etiquette

It should go without saying that all of these farms are private fields. While many of them are kind enough to allow people to explore and even take a sunflower home, sometimes by donation, you should always respect the farmer’s land. Grinter Farms in particular has posted all kinds of stories in the past about people leaving some pretty random trash in their fields. Some of which can be damaging to farm equipment. And while many of the farms listed on this page are okay with photographers and visitors entering their fields, there are some that are not just “open to the public”. My own rule of thumb with a sunflower field (or really, any farmers field) is to not enter it without permission. I tend to take the side of the road approach. If I can safely park and shoot my photography from the edge of the road, I will do so. But if you want to enter a field to snap a photo it’s always best to ask permission of the land owner first. For farmers, this is their livelihood, so please respect that!

Sunburst Sunflowers
Sunburst SunflowersPrints AvailableA partially obscured sun creates a large sunburst in front of a patch of sunflowers in south central Kansas!

While on the topic of these wonderful Kansas farms, many of the ones above that are open to the public are much more than sunflower fields! A lot of them have other festivals, pumpkin patches, peach and berry picking and more! Visit each of their websites above to learn more about the kinds of amazing food many of the farms sell.

The Ultimate Kansas Sunflower Field Roadtrip

As you can see, there are some pretty awesome sunflower fields in Kansas! I put together this road trip that takes you to many of the farms that actively promote their sunflower fields. Not all of them are at peak at the same time, so timing this road trip to hit every single one of them while in bloom may not be fully possible, but you should at least get some fields in bloom on this route!

Kansas Sunflower Photography

As always, any of the photos on this page are available as fine art prints in my fine art nature photography galleries! Most of the sunflower photos are scattered in my South Central Kansas, North Central Kansas and Northeast Kansas photography galleries. You can also search the photo archive for all sunflower photos or browse all of my photography galleries for more sunflower photos!

Sunflower Storms
Sunflower Milky WayPrints AvailableThe Milky Way rises above the Klausmeyer sunflower field in Clearwater, Kansas.

Thanks for visiting my little guide to Kansas sunflower fields! I hope this has served you well!