Southeast Kansas

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The Heartland of Kansas

Whether it's the history of driving Route 66 and the Frontier Military Scenic Byway, hiking the many scenic state parks or waterfall hunting, southeast Kansas has a lot to offer! Take a tour down near Sedan to see the beautiful Chatauqua Hills. Numerous beautiful and famous waterfalls like Elk Falls and Butcher Falls exist in these areas. And then there's the hidden gems like Chautauqua Falls. Or visit the tiny section of the Ozarks that claim the very southeast corner of the state. Drive historic Route 66 and take in the history of the area. And make sure to check out the plethora of waterfalls this area has to offer! There's tons to do in southeast Kansas!


Butcher Falls

This beautiful waterfall features a drop of over 10 feet into a beautiful pool!

Visit the Falls
Historic Byway

Route 66

Drive Kansas' stretch of this famous national icon!

Drive Route 66

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