Kansas Landmarks - Monument Rocks

Kansas Landmarks & Points of Interest

Everywhere you look in Kansas there are amazing landmarks and points of interest. Whether they be man-made, like Keeper of the Plains and Cedar Point Mill or natural, such as Monument Rocks and Texaco Hill. Explore these and many more on this page of Kansas landmarks and points of interest!

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Featured Kansas Landmarks

A few of the most popular Kansas landmarks out there!

Kansas Landmarks - Monument Rocks

Monument Rocks

As a national natural landmark, Monument Rocks is a premier Kansas destination!

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Kansas Landmarks - Keeper of the Plains

The Keeper of the Plains

Towering over the Arkansas River, the Keeper of the Plains is Wichita's famous icon!

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Kansas Landmarks - Teter Rock

Teter Rock

Teter Rock stands tall looking out for miles over the Flint Hills.

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