Kansas Hiking Trails - Little Basin

Kansas Hikes & Trails

Kansas has some unique and beautiful hikes and biking trails out there! Whether you're looking for a 10 minute walk with your dog in a wooded park, a multi-day backpacking trek through one of our gorgeous state parks or a grueling bike trail, Kansas has it all! This is the newest section on Kansas is Beautiful. I plan to expand this heavily in the coming year as I get out there and hit the Kansas trails!

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Featured Kansas Biking & Hiking Trails

Here are some featured hiking and biking trails in Kansas to get you started!

Kansas Waterfalls - Prather Creek Falls

Switchgrass Mountain Bike Trail

This three tiered waterfall in the heart of the Flint Hills is a real beauty!

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Kansas Waterfalls - Butcher Falls

Chisholm Creek Hiking Trails

Varied terrain of hiking trails exist at Chisholm Creek Park in northeast Wichita.

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Kansas Waterfalls - Prather Creek Falls

Pawnee Prairie Hiking Trails

Multiple miles of hiking trails exist in Wichita's largest park.

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List of Kansas Biking & Hiking Trails

Whether it's the epic-rated Switchgrass mountain biking trail at Wilson Lake State Park you're looking to ride, or a nice stroll in one of the many hiking trails throughout the state, here's a list of hiking trails and biking routes to get you started: