Gypsum Hills Wildlife Drive

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Gypsum Hills Wildlife Drive

GPS: 37.0203 x -98.9687

The Gypsum Hills Wildlife Drive is almost 50 miles of beautiful red mesas, amazing wildlife viewing and great scenery everywhere! It starts in Hardtner, Kansas and finishes up in Sun City, Kansas. Head west out of Hardtner for almost 20 miles on Hackberry Rd, before turning north onto Aetna Rd. The drive crosses the Salt Fork of the Arkansas River, the Aetna ghost town, and abundance of wildlife. Coyotes, deer, bats, coyotes, wild turkeys, and bobcats can be found in these parts. Keep an eye out of rattlesnakes, tarantulas and lizards as well. Also, Bison roam these lands on some of the ranchland, so keep your eyes out for the herds! I found out about this one from the Natural Kansas website.

Gypsum Hills Wildlife Drive Photos

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Storms Over the Gypsum Hills
Sunset Over the Gypsum Hills
Gypsum Hills Sunset
The Gypsum Hills
Gypsum Hills Fields
The Landscape of Gypsum Hills

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Spring Sunset at the Keeper of the Plains

Sunrise Fog at the Keeper of the Plains

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